Volcan lascar

Láscar Volcano
Start: 6:00 a.m.
Term: 17:00 pm aprx.
Dinamica tour:
The pick-up starts at 5 in the morning from the hostel, which we go in the direction of the town of Talabre (south of San Pedro, near Lascar village). The trip takes approximately 2 hrs 20 min. We stop at the first stop to have breakfast in the lagoon bleach (4300 meters). The sunrise is expected in said place, and later we go towards the base of the Lascar volcano. (4600). The journey on foot takes approximately 3 hrs of ascent and 2 hrs of descent.
What's included in the tour:

Marching ration
Equipment: (equipment is not rented, but it is provided free of charge, there is always availability of what is needed)

Volcan lascar

Additional information Volcan Lascar:

The Láscar volcano impresses since it is recognized with its permanent fumarole that can be seen from San Pedro de Atacama; Every so often he reminds us that he is there, alive. In fact, it is an extremely active volcano, which erupts volcanic ash practically every year. This can be especially dangerous during the summer, storm season, because a change in the direction of the wind can cause these ashes to reach the face, or, a simple rain or snowfall with water can form acid rain if the fumarole is very strong.
It is located in the altiplano, surrounded by other impressive Andean peaks of hills and volcanoes; his neighbor the Crown observes him placidly, as in the front and with his impressive wall the hill Tumisa. Also neighbor of the Láscar is the hill Lejía.
In this sector of Chile you can clearly see the strength of nature, which raised from the ground an impressive amount of hills and volcanoes that stayed there for admiration, and why not, also to raise them.
It is difficult to choose the first among many, but you have to start with one and the Láscar is perhaps the most appropriate.
The place name would come from the kunza voices "lascar" (language) or "lackar" (head); or, from Aymara "lascari" (the one that follows).


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