Island Floating Uros, Amantani y Taquile 2D/1N


Island Floating  Uros, Amantani y Taquile 2D/1N

It is a spectacular tour to realize Vivencial Tourism in the entrails of the highest navigable lake of the world called Titicaca, from the city of Puno, after visiting the floating islands of the Uros, we arrive at the island of Amantani. This visit will allow us to know the customs and live with the villagers, it will be an experience in which you will not be an observer, but will be able to integrate with the locals and have an experience, you can stay in the local houses, enjoy a dinner offered by the families and the rock offered by the local children.

By a walk towards the ceremonial center; "Pacha tata" will observe beautiful landscapes, high Andean customs, and way of life. From this place, which is the top of the island, you can see the sunset in Titicaca. The second day is the visit to the island of Taquile, then returns to the City of Puno.

Departure: 8:00 am. (Day 01) Return: 04:00 pm. (Day 02)

DAY 01:
 07:45 am: Transfers from the hotel to the port.

08:00 am: Departure to the Island of Uros, Amantani and Taquile (shared service).

08:30 am: Arrival and visit to the floating islands of Uros.

13:30 pm: Arrival to the island of Amantani.

02:00 pm: Lunch at the home of the local family.

03:00 pm: Hike to Cerro Pachatata to wait for sunset.

06:00 pm: Dinner and lodging at night in a local house.

At night there is a welcome party for visitors.

DAY 02:
08:00 am: After breakfast in Amantani we leave for Taquile

09:00 am: Arrival in Taquile on the north side and walk to the village.

10:30 am: Arrival to the main town of Taquile.

12:00 pm: Lunch.

01:00 pm: We will descend the 547 steps.

03:45 pm: Arrival in Puno and transfer from the port to the Hotel.

Bilingual guide for two days.
Tickets to the islands Uros, Taquile and Amantani.
A night in the homes of families
Lunch, dinner and breakfast in Amantani.
Lunch in Taquile
Peña Show.
Visit to the hill "Pachatata"
Walk in the traditional boat. (totora boat)
Wear a jacket, sunscreen, walking shoes or shoes, hats or caps, cameras and / or videos.

Note: Bring sleeping bag to Amantani (optional).

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