Ruta de las Cascadas


Ruta de las Cascadas

City Tour: we start with a city tour, knowing important attractions that the urban part of the City of Baños de Agua Santa, such as: The Basilica, The Baths of the Virgin, the Waterfall of the Virgin, Juan Montalvo Park, the ravine of the Bascun River.
Bridge and Encañonado de San Martin: It was the first accessible bridge to the city of Baños, it is impressive to see the height of this bridge and how the Pastaza river makes its way through the basaltic rock it has in this place.
San Martin Adventure Park: Our first stop is San Martin Adventure Park; for lovers of adrenaline we have a Canopy of 350 meters, one of the fastest canopys that has the city of Baños de Agua Santa; in this place we can cross in tarabita to see how the Pastaza River makes its way through the basaltic rock of the San Martin. (stop 1)

 Agoyan Hydroelectric Dam:
Waterfall of Agoyan and Guamag: Two impressive waterfalls that join feeding the Pastaza River that advances until the east of Ecuador. (Stop 2)

We cross the tunnels, no other tour operator in the country will make you pass through tunnels on two-story buses. Something unique and exclusive that only CHEBASTOUR OPERATOR OF TOURISM can do it in the whole national territory.
Old carter that linked the city of Baños with the City of Puyo: at the edge of the ravine our buses advance through the ancient and narrow road that linked the city of Baños with the city of Puyo, here we can enjoy the following attractions: waterfall La Esperanza, Cascada Doors of Heaven, Face of Christ and Rio Blanco. (Stop 3)

Mantle of the Bride: The whiteness of its waters and the shape of its fall resemble a bridal veil, for that reason this waterfall bears the name of Mantle of the Bride, here we can cross tarabita above the Waterfall, and for the daring we have the crossing of the double canopy above the waterfall, you can enjoy this flight accompanied by your friend, friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, whoever you want. (Stop 4)

Cascada de San Pedro: Its clean waters come from the moors of Sangay national park, cascade that gives life to the Community of San Pedro.
Pailón del Diablo Waterfall: we close the trail to the impressive Pailón del Diablo waterfall, we will walk a little to enjoy its clean waters and refresh ourselves with the dew that this waterfall produces when it hits the rock. To access this place we have to cross two impressive hanging bridges. (Stop 5)

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