Bungee Jumping


Bungee Jumping

Have you ever imagined jumping from a height of a 20-story building tied by your legs, through incredible vegetation at the foot of the Andes in Cajon del Maipo? Crazy, right? That word defines us well.

Bungee Jumping is on the list of things to do at least once before you die. They say that the sensation of free fall, freedom and the adrenaline rush makes us feel more
alive than ever. If you are a lover of sport, adrenaline and new experiences, stop for a while now while reading and imagine yourself for 5 seconds, jumping at 56 meters high.
What's up?

Departure between 08:00 and 17:00. Salto must be scheduled in advance.

Note: Minimum of 2 people (ask if anyone else is going to do the tour on the day).

Valor 60.000 CLP

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