Tour Astronomic

In San Pedro de Atacama is one of the cleanest skies in the world.

In fact, it concentrates 40% of the main telescopes on the planet and some world-renowned observatories such as Proyecto Alma and Cerro Paranal.

Tour Astronomic

San Pedro de Atacama Astronomical Tour

We offer this type of excursion for all types of general public. Every night of the year as soon as climatic conditions are met and related to the visibility of the night sky (seeing) and to elements that affect it (eg Full Moon or gibbous)

It includes:

     Transfer to and from the observation point.
     Observation point away from sources of light pollution and excellent effective field of vision (90% to 95%)
     Professional guides and specialist in disciplines related to astronomy and education (Spanish and English) with vast experience.
     5 professional telescopes of different optical designs and performance from 8 to 12 inches (130 to 300 mm) opening (being used according to the number of observers) we guarantee 1 telescope for up to 4 observers
     We deal with topics such as life of the stars, Andean astronomy, location of classic constellations and other civilizations, stellar navigation, basic concepts about the universe, history of astronomy, myths and legends, etc.
     Group photography with the night sky in the background (long exposure)
     Coffee, juice, wine and different types of sweet and salty snacks.


Valor 35.000 CLP

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