Circuit 0 is the wildest side of the Park. It takes time and physical preparation to complete it. The O, name that makes reference to the circular form of the circuit, gives the complete return to the whole massif of the Torres del Paine. This trekking is a mental and physical challenge for all who wish to have the complete experience in Patagonia.

Type: Crossing
Difficulty: High (Probable experience required)
Single date: January 13-21 2018
Available places chordata: 9
Kilometers: 93.2 kilometers in length.


Day 1: (Punta Arenas Airport - Puerto Natales - Flight preparation)

We start with a 3 hour regular bus ride from Punta Arenas Airport to Puerto Natales, passing through the Magallanes Pampas and enjoying the view of the characteristic Lenga trees, which, due to the wind, are curved to one side. Arriving in Puerto Natales you can see snowy mountains, rivers, lakes and the Last Esperanza sine. When you arrive at the bus station, our guide will wait for you to go to the hotel where we will spend the night.

Day 2

Puerto Natales - Laguna Amarga - Camping Serón

Departure from Puerto Natales approximately at 07:30 hours (present at the Puerto Natales bus terminal) in regular service to the Torres del Paine National Park, declared a Biosphere Reserve.
At the entrance of the park you must fill out a form
Arrival at 09:45 hrs to Laguna Amarga, where you will connect with transport to the Las Torres Hotel sector.
Trekking to Camping Serón (5 hrs aprox / 9 km).
Dinner at the camping Serón
Accommodation at Camping Serón
Day 3: Trekking Camping Serón - Refugio Dickson

Walk in the middle of the abundant flora where you can see Lake Paine (6 hrs approx / 19 km).
Each one must bring their box lunch, which is requested the night before
Dinner in the refuge's dining room
Overnight at Refugio Dickson.
Day 4: Trekking Refugio Dickson - Camping Los Perros

Breakfast in the shelter's dining room
Wonderful view to glaciers and Southern Ice Fields.
Hike to camping Los Perros along the Los Perros river (4.5 hrs approx / 9 km).
Arrival at the campsite.
Accommodation in Camping Vértice Los Perros.
** It is recommended to buy in Refugio Dickson 2 box luch to take, since Camping Los Perros does not have a meal service **

Day 5: Trekking Camping Los Perros - Refugio Gray

It is suggested to leave early, not later than 07:00 a.m.
This stage is the most demanding of the program. In cases of bad climatic conditions, the authorities (CONAF) reserves the right to close the way
It will cross the "John Gardner Pass", which, with its 1,241 msnm, will mark the highest point of the trekking. After overcoming the pace, the terrain continues to be steep and demands full attention, as well as a steady and stable step when walking.
Walk in descent (12 hrs approx / 18 km)
Arrival to Refugio Vertex Gray.
Dinner at the Gray Refuge
Lodging in Refugio Gray
Day 6: Gray Refuge Trekking - Paine Grande Refuge

Breakfast in the refuge's dining room.
Hike to Refugio Vertice Paine Grande on the banks of the massif, where you will discover viewpoints to appreciate the majesty of Glacier Gray (3.5 hrs).
viewpoints to appreciate the majesty of Glacier Gray (3.5 hrs). Lunch in the shelter's dining room.
Dinner in the refuge's dining room.
Accommodation in Vértice Paine Grande Refuge.
Day 7: Trekking Paine Grande Refuge - French Valley - Refugio Los Cuernos

Breakfast in the refuge's dining room.
Start of trekking to the Italian Camp (2.5 hours / 7.5 km), entrance gate to the French Valley, where you can appreciate the hanging glacier of Mount Paine, whose constant thaw forms waterfalls that feed the river French. It is an excellent opportunity to appreciate the flora and fauna of the mountain.
According to capacity and / or weather conditions, hike to British camp (2.5 hrs / 5.5km each section).
Box lunch (must be requested the day before)
Hike to Refugio Los Cuernos (2.5 hrs / 5.5 km).
Arrival to Refugio Los Cuernos.
Dinner in the refuge's dining room
Overnight in Refugio Los Cuernos.
Day 8: Trekking Refuge Los Cuernos - Refugio El Chileno

Breakfast in the shelter's dining room
Start of the trekking towards the Chilean Refuge bordering the Nordenskjold Lake (6 hours / 11 km).
Lunch Box (must be requested the night before).
Hike to Refugio El Chileno (2.5 hrs / 5.5 km).
Arrival to Refugio El Chileno.
Dinner in the refuge's dining room
Overnight in Refugio El Chileno.
Day 9: Trekking Refugio El Chileno - Las Torres Base - Puerto Natales

Breakfast in the shelter's dining room
It is suggested to leave at dawn at the base of Las Torres, to admire the different shades of reddish and orange with which the granite masses are dyed with the warm and first rays of the day (2 hours each stretch).
Lunch Box or lunch in the shelter's dining room (box lunch option must be requested the night before)
Departure to the towers sector (2 hrs) to take transportation to Laguna Amarga and connect with regular bus at 19:30 heading for Puerto Natales.

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