Safari in the Jungle

Are you sensitive? Are you perceptive? You can still be amazed by simple things like:

Safari in the Jungle

- The peculiar sound that the giant Tiger Ant produces when it gets angry.
- The curious camouflage of the butterfly Hamadrya that makes it disappear on the bark of a tree.
- The characteristic smell that leaves a herd of peccaries to mark its territory.
- The softness of a thick mantle of moss on a trunk.

It is a walk through the jungle of 20km, along the path "Yacaratiá Sur", located within the protected area of ​​the Iguazú National Park. In this path, which is closed to the public and the transit of private vehicles, different research tasks such as studies on primates and felines are carried out. The route of the trail, which lasts approximately 2 hours, is done in specially prepared and discovered 4 × 4 vehicles, in order to be able to photograph and film more comfortably. The latter is very important since in the forest the treetops harbor unique epiphytic life forms such as orchids, cacti and bromeliads, "strangler" trees and a great variety of birds and mammals of exclusively arboreal habits such as squirrels and monkeys. During the walk there are several stops and walks in which our expert nature interpreter guide acts as a link between the visitor and the environment. Historical sites of the Iguazú National Park are also visited.

Mineral water, insect repellent, binoculars, bird, mammal and footprints guide, rain poncho, etc. are provided. (It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes)

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