Sun Island 2 days 1 night

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Sun Island 2 days 1 night

According to legend, it was on the Sun Island, where Viracocha, the Sun God, ordered his sons Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo to begin a journey to "civilize" the man and find the Inca empire. The island, which is the largest of Lake Titicaca (the largest navigable lake in the world) is located in the northwest of the peninsula of Copacabana - Bolivia - and has 14 km2. To get there you have to travel about two hours by boat. Once there, you can discover postal landscapes, important archaeological sites and Quechua and Aymara communities that maintain their ancestral traditions to this day.

Departure 9:00 am Copacabana Agency
Return 05:00 pm Copacabana Agency

Sea transportation round trip

Entrance to Island


Valor  50.00 USD

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