Museum de Ice Glaciarium

The Glaciarium Ice Museum, in El Calafate, is a modern center dedicated to the spread of Patagonian ice and its glaciers. One of the few glaciological interpretation centers in the world. It also provides an environmental awareness message.

Museum de Ice Glaciarium

Glaciarium uses the new exhibition techniques used by the most modern museums and interpretation centers. The contents are presented in an artistic way, with interactions and exhibitions that include scenic effects, lighting and audiovisual presentations and multimedia and a 3D documentary.

It is open every day from 9 to 20 during the season. In winter, from May to August the schedule is from 11 to 20.

You can arrive from the center of El Calafate in a transfer service that leaves from the playón of the Secretary of Provincial Tourism every hour. Check for the Trasfer Glaciarium.

If you decide to go in your own vehicle you have to take route 11, which leads to the Perito Moreno Glacier and travel 6 km. from the center of El Calafate.

Within its facilities there is a cafeteria, an Ecoshop and an ice bar.

The Ecoshop offers a varied choice of eco-sustainable objects, produced with discarded material, recycled and of low environmental impact.

Glaciobar Branca is the first ice bar in Argentina and the only one with glacier ice. A must to experience an unforgettable experience below zero. It has capacity for 25 people and the maximum time of stay is 20 minutes. Visitors receive a coat, gloves and boots prior to entry. It is also recommended to wear warm clothing.

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