Calafate Mountain Park

El Calafate Mountain Park is a center for recreational activities that offers summer and winter programs. It is located 15 km from the center of El Calafate, on the hill Huyliche, about 1050 m. of height.

Calafate Mountain Park

To get to the park, you must first go to the base of the hill and there take the chairlift that leads to the balcony, in an ascent of 350 meters of altitude. Once at the top you will have before you one of the best views of Lake Argentino and its surroundings. You can see El Calafate, the Argentino Lake, the Andes Mountain Range, the glacier area and, if you are lucky and the day is clear, you can even see the silhouettes of the Fitz Roy and the Tower, looking towards El Chaltén.

And so that you can choose the activities that best suit your tastes, we give you the complete panorama for each season of the year. There are for all ages and with several levels of difficulty:

Activities for the austral winter (from June to September)
In winter Calafate Mountain Park is transformed into a Snow Park that allows you to enjoy varied activities, without waiting, without haste and in an incredible environment. It is the perfect complement for a stay in El Calafate combining two must-see activities: Glaciers and Snow.

Learn to ski: It is the ideal option for those who want to spend a different and fun day and learn the rudiments of skiing. The rental equipment and facilities are state-of-the-art and the instructors, specialized and bilingual, are trained in snow programs.

The track, with curves and cant, provides varied descent options. And for those who prefer something quieter there is also the option of cross-country skiing.

Ski touring - El Calafate Mountain Park - Patagonia Argentina
Ski touring - El Calafate Mountain Park - Patagonia Argentina

Moto Snow fire: An impressive winter trip in modern snowmobiles through the valleys of Cerro Huyliche, enjoying one of the most inhospitable and extreme landscapes of Patagonia.
The adventure begins with the ascent in the chairlift. Then, the guides provide the helmets and adjust the equipment for the crossing. There are several circuits and they are chosen at the moment according to the conditions of the terrain.

Finally, you can enjoy a lunch at the Huyliche confectionery or an outdoor snack.

Crossings in snowshoes: The snowshoes, known for more than 6,000 years, are a very effective instrument for long trips through snow.

The technique is very simple and suitable for all people, whatever their physical condition and age.

There are crossings from 2 to 5 km., With a guide or self-guided. In any case the equipment can be rented.

The best: to know the "Labyrinth of Stones", a formation with more than 85 million years old.

Full Day Calafate Mountain Park: It is a program designed to enjoy all or several of the park's options. You can combine a collective ski class with any recreational activity, such as Tubing or Snowmobiles, with the snowshoe circuit through the Labyrinth of Stones.

At midday, the obligatory lunch break can be made at the Huyliche confe- rence, where there are several menu proposals that include a vegetarian option.

Tubing: It is a very fun activity that everyone can enjoy, adults and children. It is the descent in an individual rubber chamber that slides safely and entertained on snow tracks.

The Tubing is perfect to feel the adrenaline of the snow without the need of previous technical knowledge or classes.

Activities for the southern summer (October to March)
In summer Calafate Mountain Park is ideal for planning a half-day activity, something that many value during their visit to El Calafate as the arrival and departure days of the destination are usually a bit wasted.

Balcony of El Calafate: From the Balcony, an imposing natural viewpoint, you can enjoy a panoramic view of El Calafate and the central body of Lake Argentino. It is accessed through the Aerosilla del Balcón and during the tour you can see the Andes Mountain Range, the accumulation zone of the glaciers, the Boca del Diablo (narrowest part of the lake, towards the Upsala branch) and, if it is clear , you get to see the Fitz Roy and Torre hills in El Chaltén. Once above it is also possible to see the flight of condors.

The activity lasts between 3 and 4 hours, depending on the option chosen, and may include a typical picnic lunch or a snack.

Quad Escape: It is a 12-kilometer tour in 4x4 quads that allows you to enter the best places of Cerro Huyliche, such as the Mega Labyrinth.

The activity lasts 3 hours and there are three daily departures.

Quad 4x4 in El Calafate Balcony - Patagonia Argentina
4x4 quad bikes in El Calafate Balcony - Patagonia Argentina

Bike Park: For some this Bike Park is the best in the Southern Cone! It has several levels of tracks, green, red and black, and is located in an incomparable place: the national capital of the glaciers!

According to the track chosen, this activity is suitable for groups or families. It is a 13 km route. in descent, by a soft and wide terrain with several levels of slopes. It is the longest journey in the Calafate Mountain Park.

It is an activity that requires a certain technique. There are two daily departures and you can choose between several circuits.

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