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With exclusive clothing in Alpaca Baby, the best of Cusco crafts. A unique experience in Cusco.

1. TEXTILES: Cusco is famous for its textile crafts made with fine vicuña and alpaca fabrics. The alpaca has a fine coat that becomes a high-value fiber that is listed in the most exclusive fashion markets on the planet. Pre-Columbian cultures already recognized the benefits of this fiber and with it they dressed their highest-ranking characters. Also the island of Taquile, in Lake Titicaca, is populated by expert craftsmen of traditional textiles, which is considered Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.

2. AYACUCHAN RETABLES: Traditional from Ayacucho, the colorful altarpieces or drawers of San Marcos or San Antonio represent religious scenes or popular culture. The district of La Libertad, in Huamanga, is the cradle of the most exquisite cajones in San Marcos. The Peruvian altarpieces are similar to the "nativity scenes" and are made with cedar wood boxes about 32 cm high by 26 cm wide in which figurines of boiled potato paste and plaster are placed.

3. STONE OF HUAMANGA: Sculpting in Huamanga stone, a type of alabaster extracted from the quarries of the Cangallo province, is another of the most representative traditions of Peruvian popular art. Its craft center is located in Ayacucho and began to be used in crafts from the sixteenth century as a result of the shortage of marble. Today Ayacucho sculptors use this material to create works that recreate both religious scenes and local culture.

4. TOTORA: The totora is an aquatic plant that the Mochica culture used to build a type of artisanal boat, the caballito de totora, with which they sailed and fished in the ocean. This plant is also used by the inhabitants of the islands of the Uros, in Lake Titicaca, to make transport rafts and artisanal fishing.

5.CERERÍA: La cerería es un arte que posee un lugar especial en la artesanía andina. Se trata de una especialidad que se transmite de padres a hijos de generación en generación y que está estrechamente vinculada a las fiestas y celebraciones religiosas y patronales de todos los pueblos de Perú. Se caracteriza por variados y complejos adornosdecorativos en el anda sobre el que se carga a los santos cuando salen en procesión.

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